Tremulant Lee


A Tremolo pedal with a drive stage after modulation. Designed for Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.


Behold the Lee, the newer version of our acclaimed Tremulant overdrive tremolo pedal.

When Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth fame got his first Tremulant year ago, he has impressed with the raw tonal potential of the pedal, and made it a standard part of his studio and touring rig.

He later came back to us, asking for a more compact version of the pedal that would retain it’s signature sound but be smaller and lighter, making it better suited to the modern touring musician’s requirements. With airlines nowadays getting stricter and stricter with bag sizes and weight restrictions, that sounded like a really sensible idea, so we got right down to it, and the Tremulant Lee is the end result. It is lighter and smaller, but is powered by the exact same circuit and features the same controls. The only noticeable difference is the lack of the Rate indicator LED, which some users have found distracting on the original model, so we decided to remove it altogether for this new version.

The Tremulant is designed for sine wave tremolo effect tones with symmetrical modulation and frequency range(rate) from 1Hz to 13Hz.
The Depth knob allows you to adjust the modulation level from 0% to 100%, with 100% being the “choppiest” setting.

The drive stage is after the modulation circuit and it’s adjustable. The more gain you give the more the peaks of the modulated signal gets distorted. Watch this video with the full Premier Guitar Magazine review for more details.

Premier Guitar Magazine: “The Kleissonic excels at lending bold, stark emphasis to chugging quarter- and eighth-note rhythm parts and languid, soul-ballad arpeggios.

At super-high pulse rates, it generates throbbing stroboscopic freakouts.”

Technical specifications:

  • Power: Center negative tip. 9V to 15VDC
  • Heavy-duty, true-bypass footswitch
  • Four controls: Rate, Depth, Drive and Level


Photos by: Christoph Leib Photography

Additional information
Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions11 × 6 × 3.5 cm