You can watch here the latest demo for Lucid made by  and also you can have the chance to win it !  
It's almost been 2 years since me and A.C started the Fat Waves Repair shop!Here's a quick trip down memory lane!  
Crackling Noises in Tube Amplifiers On a vintage amplifier intermittent crackling can be caused by a few different things.Here I'll give you some tips to check, if your tube amp is making intermittent crackling type noises, so you can try to diagnose the issue and possibly fix it yourself. Before that, DO NOT attempt to fix it by yourself if you don't know what you are doing, because of the presence of “high dangerous voltages” , there is a risk of electric shocks that may cause injury or death. Even when the Amp is turned off, it is dangerous because of the high voltage...
Here is a great review and video demo for the Tremulant by Premier Guitar Magazine. Check it out! "The Kleissonic excels at lending bold, stark emphasis to chugging quarter- and eighth-note rhythm parts and languid, soul-ballad arpeggios.At super-high pulse rates, it generates throbbing stroboscopic freakouts." "A casual perusal of Kleissonic’s artist/customer list says a lot about the company’s alignment with the unconventional. Kleissonic users include such noiseniks and post rockers as Lee Ranaldo, Mogwai, and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, as well as neo-...
I am now officialy listed as trusted builder in Berlin,for LXR Drum Synth from Sonic Potions!Visit Sonic Potions' website and check the LXR out!! It sounds amazing!  
EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: ECHOLAPSE -- PLISSKEN FESTIVAL EDITION-- Here is a review of Echolapse by All About Music from Greece. Check it out!Don't forget that you have the chance to win this pedal at Plissken Festival.Just click here to read the rules to enter to win! Thanks!
If you are planning to go to Plissken Festival this year in Athens, Greece, you have the chance to win one Echolapse!Check this link and read the rules to enter to win!Thanks.
Fat Waves - Repair Shop We have recently opened a repair shop for Guitar and Bass equipment in Berlin.Service, repairs of pedals and amplifiers, setup,mods etc.  For more infos please visit here ! Thank you.
Hi Everyone, I just moved to a new workspace.If you are looking for reliable techs, me and my colleague, we'll look after your guitar/bass equipment. We do: Guitar Pedal repairs Mods Repairs of amplifiers Guitar and Bass set up.   We are  only 2min walking from U8 Hermannplatz : Hasenheide 910967 BerlinBuilding Nr.2 - Aufgang 23rd floor Opening hours: Mon : 12h - 18h (appointments only)Tue - Fri : 12h - 18hSat: 12h-16h Thank You!    
Bass Players! Here is a great bass solo soundclip by Juan Alderete (Vato Negro, The Mars Volta, ZAVALAZ). check it out!