The new version of Tremulant in the works. This version has been designed for Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) and a first bunch of 25 pedals will be added to my lineup. More soon. 
Friends, next month Kleissonic is moving to a bigger place to the heart of Berlin, in Torstr. 70, 10119.There, the Kleissonic Pedals will always be connected to an Amp if you feel like dropping by to test them and you don't have to carry anymore your super heavy AC30 for a repair to the 3rd floor!As far as the repair shop concerned : - For guitars and basses, Heike will be looking after them  from July 17th and on.- I will be away for holidays from July 24th till August 25th. After that, your electronic gear will be again in good hands. Theo
Here is an interview of Jakob Ilja from the german band Element Of Crime in Gitarre & Bass magazine. For Germans, Element Of Crime does not need to be introduced... For more than 30 years, they have been an integral part of German music scene.He talks about the Screaming Skull and the way he's using it. Below is a part of his interview and here is the link with the complete interview. Auf dem aktuellen Album gibt es ein paar Nummern, in denen du für deine Verhältnisse in Sachen Sound und Spielweise recht rockig agierst … Du meinst vermutlich die Stellen, die ich mit dem...
A new Supro Black Magick 1695T on the bench today.This one came in with a loud annoying 50 Hz hum ( 60Hz in US ), which most of times means that the heaters(filaments) are responsible for that.A "common" mistake is reproducing old vintage circuitry without thinking the modern safety standards, modern tube quality/tolerances and recording needs...In this expensive cathode-biased amp the filaments are powered directly by AC from the PT... When a heater gets hot can source electrons just like the cathode. If the heater is negative with respect to the cathode, electrons will be jumping...
Modding a new VOX AC15HW1 to old JMI specs.Reducing the DC filtering capacitors to remove some of the modern stiffness, adding grid stoppers to Top Boost channel and phase inverter to avoid blocking distortion and changing to better quality capacitors.If you need to mod yours as well feel free to contact me. 
We've got a BASF LGR-50 tape reel, self lubricated tape, considered the best tape loop for Roland Space Echos and for many other tape delay units like Korg, Dynacord, Wem etc.If you need a tape loop for your tape delay unit and you are around Berlin just come over the shop in Hasenheide street. If you are not, this is not a problem, we could also ship it to you by mail. And of course, if you are searching someone experienced in tape machines and you want to repair your unit, this is also one of our specialities!
Here's a custom made pedal, designed for Lee Ranaldo.It's a smaller and lighter version of  Tremulant with some fine differences. - It will also probably be added in the product line. More soon.. 
Since i started Kleissonic in 2009, i was repairing other pedals of the market for a living. Especially the last two years, i have received many pedals and many emails from all around Europe, asking me to do some standard and non-standard modifications to pedals of other guitar effects manufacturers. I don't know if anyone else does "officialy" modifications in Europe (i am sure that some does that)  and since the repair shop here in Berlin is getting bigger and bigger - and more and more busy - i've decided to place here a list with the mods that i did over these years...
You can watch here the latest demo for Lucid made by  and also you can have the chance to win it !  
It's almost been 2 years since me and A.C started the Fat Waves Repair shop!Here's a quick trip down memory lane!